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What are Supersets and Circuits?

In our programs we use supersets and circuits frequently.

Simply put, both supersets and circuits are a grouping of exercises, depending on the number will dictate the term used.  Supersets are two exercises and a Circuit is typically 3 or 4+.

How do we perform them in the workouts?

Regardless of the number of movements or whether it’s called a superset or circuit, the way you execute it will remain the same.  In TrainHeroic, exercises are listed with a letter followed by a number - for example “A1”.

Let’s use the first circuit of the workout for example. (Which could be 3 or 4 exercises).  Since it’s the first circuit - the letter will be “A”. (Subsequent circuits, supersets or single exercises will be listed as B,C,D etc..)  You would start with exercise “A1” - complete for prescribed number of repetitions and rest which is denoted at the start, then move to “A2” - complete for prescribed repetitions, then “A3” and if there’s an, “A4”.

Once you finish “A4” (or “A3”) you would start back at “A1” and repeat the process again for the prescribed number of sets, which is denoted in the instructions at the start of the circuit.

The same would be done if it is a superset, but there would only be two exercises.

What if the exercise is not part of a Superset or Circuit?

Exercises can also be performed without another exercise directly following it.  Do the prescribed reps,rest for prescribed time, then start the next set.

What if I have questions about the workout?

Ask Away! We encourage you to ask questions if you are confused.  Please use the chat feature in TrainHeroic, or after your trial period make sure to join the private Facebook group - you may also ask questions there.

We kindly ask our members not to send direct messages to Cody Wescott Golf Fitness across social media platforms regarding the workouts.  Questions will be answered in the TrainHeroic Chat or Facebook only.

We promise that your questions will be answered much faster using the provided resources as often our direct messages inboxes get crowded or more commonly messages get filtered into spam.

If you ever need help with anything account or app-related tech issues - please check TrainHeroic support.

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