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What is Golf Fitness?

Golf fitness is more than just doing movements that mimic the golf swing. Fitness is about being strong, mobile, and powerful and CWG delivers that in all of our programming. We are all about the simple, yet most effective movements that will get you stronger and leave you pain free.

What if I haven't worked out in a long time?

Golf Fitness Foundations is definitely the place to start. We created Foundations for beginners + athletes that haven't been back to the gym in a while. All workouts include videos for every movement and you have the ability to chat and ask questions in the app for any additional guidance you need.

Do I need a gym membership?

For Golf Fitness Foundations all you need are a few sets of dumbbells, bands, a bench, and a box or step. Equipment needed is minimal but there are some movements that we may recommend a cable machine or a barbell. We recommend full gym access for our other programs, but you don't necessarily need a gym membership if you have a barbell, pull-up bar, dumbbells, bench, box, and bands.

How is CWG different from other FITNESS PROGRAMS?

Our founder, Cody Wescott, has 12+ years of experience as a professional personal trainer and golf fitness specialist. What makes him really stand out is that he both plays golf and trains for golf - we practice what we preach! We have coached thousands of athletes of all levels and wrote our programs from our vast experience to make the best golf fitness programs out there. 

What if I like to do other workouts outside of Golf Fitness?

Our programs are flexible - most are 3 days a week so there is definitely time for you to get your golf game in or add in your favorite long run or mountain bike ride. That said, our 3-day a week programs are comprehensive and full-body so there is no need to add in additional workouts or movements to see results.

How long do the workouts take?

Most of our programs take 55 - 65 minutes depending on how many reps + sets are prescribed and your fitness level. FOUNDATIONS, our beginner program, can be completed in 45-55 minutes.

No.  Our programs meet people where they are and make them better, no matter the level. We work with beginners all the way up through amateurs and pros.

Do I need to be a pro golfer to do these programs?

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