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It’s GO TIME - How to Warm Up Properly

It's that time of the week again - game day. The day when you step onto the tee with the determination to play your best round ever.

As an athlete, you understand the importance of a proper warm-up, and in this short blog, I'll guide you through it.

We've all witnessed the typical range warm-up routine: a couple of swings reminiscent of a home run hitter in the on-deck circle, followed by some half-hearted torso twists and attempts to touch the toes with groans of effort.

But does that really help? I beg to differ.

Here's my approach, honed through warming up thousands of individuals before various athletic endeavors, including the highly technical athletic golf swing. If you doubt its athleticism, just ask the world's top players.

Here's How I Do It:

First off, forget about your golf swing. We're not warming that up just yet. Save the swing for actual practice swings. Instead, let's warm up the entire body. A common mistake is diving straight into "Golf Specific" warm-ups. You're about to engage in hundreds of reps of the real thing; let's activate those movement patterns first.

My suggestions will focus on exercises you can do on the range or at the first tee without needing to roll around in the grass. (Although, if you find yourself at Augusta National, I might make an exception.)

Start with a significant movement, like a squat or lunge, to get those major joints moving. After a few reps, add something extra - adjust your stance or stride, throw in a calf raise, etc. This could be a lateral lunge, a wide stance squat, or anything you fancy.

Next, let's move up to the hips. Dissociation, the ability to separate upper and lower body movements, is crucial in the swing. One of my favorites is a few pelvic rotations, keeping the upper body still and focusing solely on turning the hips.

Now, onto the upper body. Incorporate some balance by staggering your stance or lifting a foot off the ground. Then, perform torso rotations while keeping the lower body stable.

Finally, finish off with a few jumps in any variation you prefer, just to get the central nervous system firing and ready to go.

Range Time:

While the warm-up might look "golfy," I never recommend addressing swing faults or things you're working on during this time. Complete the short body warm-up, then grab a bucket of balls (or not) and get some swings in. This is where you refine your swing mechanics.

Pre-Round Workout:

I've had the privilege of working with numerous players, including professionals, and they all approach their pre-round routines differently. Some opt for a short "mini workout," while others prefer a quick warm-up before hitting the range. It's all about trial and error to find what works best for you, maybe you play your best after a full workout, you’ll only know after you try.

I advise against deviating too far from your normal routine if you're playing for something important. Also I recommend avoiding extensive, golf-specific warm-ups using bands for numerous reps. Stick to what you do in your regular workouts but reduce the reps or sets to avoid fatigue.

Check out the link below for a brief example of a range warm-up.

Remember, a proper warm-up sets the stage for success on the course. So, next game day, don't skip it. Your best round ever might just be waiting for you on the other side of that warm-up routine

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