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How to SWAP Exercises in our TrainHeroic App

Swap Exercise:

When we prescribes an Exercise for you, or a single movement or lift, you'll be able to use the 3-dot menu to "swap" your Exercise for another Exercise.

1. Select the 3-dot menu

2. Select 'Swap Exercise'

3. Search the Exercise Library using the search bar

4. Select the Exercise from the list and confirm the swap


  • When using 'Swap Exercise' you'll have access to the CWG Exercise Library, as well as the TrainHeroic Exercise Library

  • 'Swap Exercise' is specific to Exercise blocks, or single movements (if you do not see the option to 'Swap Exercise,' it's likely that we programmed a Circuit, or a series of movements)

Add Exercise:

If you're completing some bonus work, in addition to what your coach has prescribed, we encourage you to use "Add Exercise' to add the Exercise to the end of your training session.

We recommend using the 'Add Exercise' button located at the end of your training session, from the session overview.

1. Select '+ Exercise' from the bottom of your session

2. Search for the Exercises you'd like to add

3. Select the circle to the right of the Exercise, then select 'Add' or 'Superset'

Note: 'Superset' will superset all Exercises selected, to be completed as a superset or circuit.

Once you've added your Exercise, you'll be able to select 'Start Session,' to complete the session, including the 2 Exercises added to the end of your session.

If you begin a session, and decide to add an additional Exercise, you'll be able to do so on the fly, by selecting the 3-dot menu in the upper right-hand corner of your Exercise block, shown below.


  • All added Exercise will be added to the end of your training session

  • 'Add Exercise' is exclusive to Exercises in the CWG Library and the TrainHeroic Library, and does NOT include Circuits

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