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Why Rest Days and Rest Periods Are Important

One of my all-time favorite quotes comes from Mark Rippetoe: "You don't get big and strong from lifting weights; you get big and strong from recovering from lifting weights."

In a world where more is often seen as better, sometimes less is actually more beneficial.

I've purposely incorporated recovery days and rest periods into the program to ensure maximum results.

In our programs, between strength and power exercises, you'll notice 45-60 seconds of rest, and that's already on the lower end. If you ever feel the need to rest for 90 seconds to two minutes, that's absolutely fine. Taking sufficient rest between sets is essential to maintain the intensity required for the next set.

During training for strength, speed, and power, recovery between sets is non-negotiable for achieving optimal gains.

Rest days are equally, if not even more important. For instance, after Workout Day 1, there's a very low-intensity mobility day. Skipping this to jump straight into the next strength and power workout will only hinder your progress.

Following the planned calendar is crucial, which means embracing light mobility on Tuesday and taking full rest days on Thursday and Sunday. Skipping these rest days to accelerate results will actually work against you. I appreciate the enthusiasm, but trust me on this — REST!

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