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Updated: Jun 20

Please take a moment to review these instructions to make the most out of your membership to Lift Heavy, Swing Fast.

Housekeeping Notes

You may post videos for form checks (as many as you want) in the TrainHeroic Chat or Private Facebook Group.  (Only form checks submitted here can be reviewed)

We encourage conversations in the Facebook Group that are not necessarily about the workouts, feel free to post your swing, scores, or anything that you would like that this community would engage with.  Additionally Cody will post lives, and other helpful links/videos.

For any questions about account management - you can quickly find an answer using the TrainHeroic Support Page.

Please do not send messages to Cody’s social media pages with questions about this program.  Athletes are prioritized by our team using the Facebook Page and TrainHeroic Chat.  Questions sent in DMs can be filtered to SPAM and may not be seen.

Workout Instructions

The workout is (primarily) broken up into "Supersets and Circuits" meaning that exercises are meant to be performed in sequence before starting with the first one again.

For example - say the "prep" circuit has 4 exercises - A1,A2, A3, and A4 do those in order and then start back at A1 for prescribed times.  If there's only 2 or 3 exercises, the process is still the same.

At times - there will be an exercise by itself - with prescribed rest between sets. 

They are written in formats of 2 x 6 for example, 2 meaning how many sets and 6 being how many reps to perform.  Look under exercise instructions if the exercise is noted as Per Side.

If you have more questions about supersets and circuits - here is a blog to help. Supersets and Circuits

Make sure to utilize the "SWAP" feature for modifications of equipment available and skill set. The feature can be found by tapping the three dots next to the name of the exercise then selecting the option below that fits your needs. The options are not ranked by preference - it's for your availability, whether that be spacing in your gym, availability, skill set or needs.  If you have a specific question about a SWAP please ask in the chat. 

For more information about how to use the SWAP feature - click here.

Some exercises are followed by "CWGF" or "CWG", but it means nothing to you all.  TrainHeroic does not allow duplicate exercise names.  When we use our own videos vs their stock videos we have to denote that it’s our video on occasions where they have the same video already named. “CWGF = Cody Wescott Golf Fitness”

We have also posted more detailed versions of exercises on our YouTube Page. If you’d like more detail - not all are posted here. If you have a question about anything, just ask!

Workouts are posted 4 days in advance - please try to stick with the programming. We always recommend rest and recovery to fully optimize your training, rushing ahead won't lead to more/faster gains. If working out everyday was the best way to train - then we would program as such.

Periodically TrainHeroic will offer you the "PRO" version of the app - you DO NOT NEED IT.


During the program we will be using (and providing SWAP options for other exercises) Stick Mobility, GolfForever Swing Trainer and TRX.

If you are interested in these products - they are great accessory tools but are NOT REQUIRED for this program. We will always provide SWAP options for other exercises that do not require them.

You can find all our partnerships here - PARTNERS AND DISCOUNT CODES

We use all of these products regularly and some daily, to be fully transparent - if you use our codes we do make a commission and you save a few bucks.

We are here to help, please don’t be shy about asking questions.  This is a community and everyone supports each other.  (If not they will be removed immediately, without question)


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