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Unlock Strength & Speed: The Benefits of Low-Rep Training

As athletic training gains traction, many are discovering the perks of workouts with fewer reps than the norm.

In most programs, sets typically hover around 10 reps, geared towards physique enhancement.

Lift Heavy, Swing Fast, focuses on performance, especially during the season when we shift our focus to playing more and being more active outside of the gym.

Here's why we opt for low-rep schemes during the bulk of our in-season training:

Focus on Speed and Power: The recent PGA Championship at Valhalla showcased the impressive power of modern golfers. With ball speeds surpassing 180mph (champs hitting 190mph+), keeping reps low leaves plenty of fuel for intense, maximum-effort exercises. This translates to enhanced speed and power by sidestepping excessive fatigue.

Quick Recovery: Low reps mean we feel better after our workouts than when we started. In-season isn't the time for draining sessions that leave us wrecked for days. By focusing on a few heavy-load reps without going to failure, we make gains without the soreness that hampers our swings.

Time Efficiency: Our in-season workouts are short, often under an hour. While not everyone aims to go pro, practice is key for improvement. Finishing workouts faster leaves time for crucial swing drills, potentially transforming your game forever.

Don't Knock It Till You Try It: Many dismiss low-rep workouts, assuming they won't cut it. But after 23 years of trying every workout under the sun, I can vouch for the incredible results of lowering training volume.

So, before you judge, give it a shot. Lower reps might just surprise you with their effectiveness.

As someone who's tried it all, I can attest that less can indeed be more.

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I’ve been doing lower rep strength training, focusing more on explosive/power movements as well. My body seems to be responding well and the recovery for me is much shorter and better. This translates to the course as you are not as sore but more explosive in my opinion. I believe in what Cody is teaching and doing in his lift heavy swing fast program.

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