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The Most Successful Online Programming Method

My flagship program, Lift Heavy, Swing Fast (LHSF), is structured on a live calendar. This means that every athlete who joins the program follows the same workouts, scheduled on the same calendar each week. I've found this approach to be incredibly effective for online training for several reasons.

Why it’s the best for YOU

Accountability: Staying involved and motivated is often the biggest challenge with online training. It's easy to show up for a one-on-one session with your coach because there are immediate consequences if you don't, such as letting yourself down, wasting their time or facing a penalty fee - usually over $100. However, these consequences are less clear with online programming. But with LHSF delivered on a live calendar, where hundreds of others are also participating, discussing their progress, and achieving results, you feel compelled to stay on track. Perhaps FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is a more fitting term than accountability, but being part of an online community definitely helps keep you committed and consistent.

When the programming is live, you can't simply decide to start over from day one whenever you miss a session. You're accountable to the schedule and to yourself to stick with it.

Distractions: Many coaches offer a variety of programs or bundles, which can seem appealing due to the range of options. However, this variety can also become a distraction. Have you ever been to a restaurant with a limited menu? They often excel at what they offer because they specialize rather than spreading themselves thin with numerous dishes.

Similarly, with LHSF, you're getting my best product focused on delivering the best Golf Fitness program available. Success in the gym often hinges on consistency with a structured program. When too many options are available, people tend to jump around, trying bits and pieces from various programs. With LHSF, you can stay focused on achieving results without the distraction of other programs.

Up to The Minute: Following a live program ensures you're always working with the latest workouts. Having been in the fitness industry for over two decades, I've witnessed numerous changes. Programs from even just a year ago may not incorporate the latest studies and findings that optimize athletic performance. Some coaches update their programs, but not all do.

By following a live program like LHSF, you never need to worry about outdated information. The workouts are always crafted with the latest available research and insights.

Progression: Effective programs evolve and progress over time. While you can start LHSF at any point and catch up quickly, the program ensures you'll see exercises repeated in different forms. Fitness encompasses various variables like rep/set schemes, tempo, and rest periods. By sticking with one program, you get to explore and utilize all these variables effectively.

If you haven't yet tried a program on a live calendar, I encourage you to give mine a shot.

This structured approach to online training with LHSF on a live calendar has proven to be highly effective for athletes seeking accountability, focused progress, and up-to-date training methods.

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