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One more Off Season Cycle Before the Season Starts!

I know we all are super excited for the season to start in just a couple of months! This next 6 week cycle will focus on Speed Strength and Partial reps to take our bodies to the next level to make this season our best, EVER!

Many of you are new to training like an athlete, even those that aren’t -  I will almost guarantee none of you have trained the way we are going to in the next 6 weeks.

I spent weeks testing this new cycle out and I can’t wait for you all to try it.

Here’s what we will be focusing on.

Starting with Speed Strength.

Essentially this is where we are going to be moving weight as fast as we can.  The goal being to express a larger percentage of your absolute strength into your golf swing, or any other athletic endeavor you may have.  What that means?  More power, more club head speed and lower scores.  (Plus outdriving all of your friends and being the talk of the club)

A good example of this would be in olympic weightlifting, like the snatch and power clean.  However - as I have stated before, these movements are technical, and I have seen very few people execute them well enough to get the type of speed we are looking for, additionally we would have to put olympic lifts in every week, forever, to utilize them.   

We will use different, more effective exercises for our purposes. 

There is a certain metric of how fast we are looking to move, for that you would need special tools to monitor velocity, which we are not going to do.  We are just going to pick movements that can be executed with speed.  Over time I want you to increase the weight you are moving, as long as it can be moved fast and under control.

At the beginning of the workout (directly after the warmup) we will hit our speed strength exercises for the day - you will see plenty of examples throughout the next 6 weeks and plenty of instruction on how to do it.

We will also be incorporating Partial Range of Motion reps.

I’ll be honest - years ago you would never catch me letting anyone I was training do a partial rep of anything.  Luckily, I opened my mind and have found great success in using partials.

Here’s why we will do it.

Let’s use a full range of motion deep squat as our example.  Never during our golf swing do we get into a full deep squat, hips below knees position (except when we squat down to read a putt).  If our goal is power, which it is, we can train closer to the position in which we will be utilizing the peak force to generate power.

In our golf swing it much more resembles the top portion of the squat when we swing.  In this cycle we will use a split squat and train in that position.

When you train in shorter ranges of motion you can use much higher loads, increase muscle tension, which will build more strength and size.  With the increased load you will have to up your mental focus, it’s easy to lose focus since the motion is short, but we will still need it to be intense to get the carry over to performance.

By no means will we neglect going through the full range of motion in the workout.  Partials will be a couple of lifts in the workout and the rest will be full range.

Hope you all are excited for this!  Let’s finish this off season STRONG and FAST!

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