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New Year - New Lift Heavy, Swing Fast Cycle

Athletes! - First off - Happy New Year!

I hope you all are just as excited as I am for 2024 and are ready to crush this next training cycle.

This new cycle just might be my favorite cycle I have ever created.

Many of these exercises are new to the program, and we will utilize some of the staples in our workouts in different ways.

The main focus for this 6-week cycle will be on Isometrics.

What is Isometric Training?

Isometric  training is when we contract the muscles around the joint without the joint moving. For example, when we pause at the bottom of a squat, hold the bar at or below the knee in a deadlift, the top of a pull-up, or exercises like a plank.

Many times - these areas are considered the weak link in a lift, which is all the more reason to attack it. Most people tend to avoid where they’re the weakest, but not Lift Heavy, Swing Fast athletes.

What are the benefits of Isometric Training?

In addition to improving our weaknesses, which is obviously a massive perk, there are many other benefits to Isometric training.

Athletic Training - Many athletic movements require the muscles around our joints to contract without them moving to efficiently transfer power - like the golf swing. The ability to disassociate is a skill that all the best golfers in the world have; isometric training helps enhance that ability.

Injury Prevention - Strengthening muscles in static positions helps prevent injuries by addressing imbalances and enhancing overall joint stability.

Improved Endurance and Posture - Isometric holds enhance muscular endurance in static position, helping athletes sustain longer muscle contractions over time. For golfers, this means the ability to stay in posture better, for longer.

Rehabilitation - If you have been suffering from knee or lower back pain, isometrics are some of the best ways to get relief. Not only will you build strength in the areas where you experience pain, but you will find a greater range of motion through the mobility increases isometric training provides.

While holding an exercise for several seconds won’t be the fun guy at the party , with discipline and an understanding of their importance, you will see significant gains when you attack this cycle.

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Jan 06
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

excited for this!

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