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Is Program Hopping Destroying Your Gains?

Updated: 3 days ago

Does this story sound familiar?

You jump into a new workout program, loving it at first. Then, boredom sets in. Suddenly, Instagram explodes with a hot new routine, all fancy moves and promises. Intrigued, you ditch the old and chase the shiny new. It's fun, maybe even shows results, but then... another program winks from your phone, and the cycle starts anew.

Again, it's good, you may even make a little progress. But then, another program catches your eye, and the cycle repeats.

That's what I call program hopping..

Is it the worst approach? No, it's better than doing nothing. However, this constant switching might not be the most optimal strategy.

Let me share some insight into how I approach programming for my athletes...

I've already outlined the entire year of training for my flagship program, "Lift Heavy, Swing Fast." While I haven't finalized every movement, the blueprint is in place.

This matters because serious progress comes with a plan. Let me take you back a bit in my program. The first off-season cycle focused on the eccentric portion of the lift (the negatives). The next cycle centered around isometrics (holds in challenging positions), and now we're into a phase emphasizing speed strength and partial range of motion.

All of this is geared towards preparing for the in season starting in April, right before the Masters kicks off the golf season, requiring a different type of training.

I've witnessed the results you get from not just following a program but adhering to a plan (there's a difference). Sure, you might find excellent 6, 8, or 12-week programs, (I have several) but what do you do when you finish them? Repeat? It's an option, but I propose a better way.

In my Lift Heavy, Swing Fast program, you won't have to worry about programming decisions. I handle it all, guiding you through a progression week after week for the entire year. No need to stress about which off-season, in-season, or speed cycle to choose – just log in and crush your workout - I got you.

Instead of jumping ship and trying every coach's program (they do know their stuff, I get it), commit to one for a considerable duration, at least a year – which isn't that long in the grand scheme. Time flies; think about what you were doing just last year around this time. Stick with a program that has a broader plan than a few weeks of training, and you'll undoubtedly see a massive difference.

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