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Home Gym vs. Traditional Gym: Can you get fit from home?

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

One of the most common questions we get asked in this post-pandemic world is "can I do your programs at home?" Home gyms are still becoming more and more common as there are quite a few perks to training just steps away from your kitchen. We've highlighted the pros and cons of each:

Pros of Working Out at Home:

  1. Comfortable and Familiar: Exercising at home is comfy because it's a place you know well. You can wear your favorite workout clothes and use familiar spaces.

  2. Flexibility: You can exercise whenever you want, fitting it into your schedule. It's like being the boss of your own workout time!

  3. No Travel Time: You save time by not needing to go to a gym. You can start exercising right away!

  4. Personalized Space: Your home gym is your space. You get to choose the equipment, the setup, and even the music! It's all about what you like and what helps you stay motivated.

Cons of Working Out at Home:

  1. Limited Equipment: Usually, at home, you might not have as many cool exercise gadgets like you would find at a gym.

  2. Less Social Interaction: Working out alone can be less fun than with friends or other people you meet at a gym. It's nice to have workout buddies!

  3. Potential Distractions: Sometimes, being at home can lead to distractions like TV, chores, or family members. Staying focused on your workout might take a little extra effort.

Pros of Going to a Gym:

  1. Lots of Equipment: Gyms have a ton of cool stuff to help you work on different muscles. You can try many types of exercise equipment.

  2. Trainers and Classes: At a gym, there are trained experts who can help you learn new exercises and stay safe.

  3. Social Atmosphere: Gyms are great for meeting new people, making friends, and sharing your fitness journey with others. It can be a fun and motivating social experience!

Cons of Going to a Gym:

  1. Cost: Usually, you need to pay to use a gym. It's important to think about whether the cost fits your budget.

  2. Travel Time: Going to a gym takes some time, especially if it's not close to your home.

  3. Sharing Equipment and Space: Let's face it. Waiting your turn for equipment or having to navigate your workout around a crowded gym can be a hassle. At home, you have free reign to use what you want, where you want it!

All that said, we are BIG FANS of home gyms and use one ourselves very frequently. You can absolutely get fit at home, which is why we created LIFT HEAVY SWING FAST: HOME GYM. We recommend having a selection of dumbbells so you can progressively overload your weight as you get stronger, a bench, and some bands to get started. As you advance, you can ALWAYS add more equipment to your home gym over time. Happy lifting!

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